White Wines

  • Sentina Pinot Grigio: Italy
    A light, crisp, easy drinking Pinot Grigio with a delicate fruity finish. Ideal with our tagliatelle dishes and fish
    Bottle £16.00   Ÿ250ml £5.90   175ml £4.60
  • Auction House Chardonnay: Australia
    A medium bodied white wine with hints of citrus and tropical fruits and a fresh acidity finish
    Bottle £15.50 Ÿ  250ml £5.50 Ÿ 175ml £4.40
  • Leibfraumilch: Germany
    A delicate sweet white wine with subtle floral hints
    Bottle £14.70  Ÿ250ml £5.30 Ÿ 175ml £4.20
  • Los Pastos Sauvignon Blanc: Chile
    A drier Sauvignon Blanc than our New Zealand one with hints of green apples and tropical fruits
    Bottle £15.50Ÿ   250ml £5.50 Ÿ 175ml £4.40
  • Riverstone Ridge Sauvignon Blanc: New Zealand
    From the famous Marlborough region of New Zealand. Aromas of gooseberry and citrus and tropical fruits and limes on the palate
    Bottle £18.00   250ml £6.40   175ml £5.20
  • Pedra Da Auga Albarino: Spain
    Elaborated exclusively with Albarino grapes.  Lemon greeen wine, with  golden hues, clear and bright with intense fruit flavour highlighting pear, apple and peach
    Bottle £15.50Ÿ   250ml £5.50 Ÿ 175ml £4.40
  • Chablis:  Burgundy, France                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ÿ

Red Wines

  • Auction House Shiraz: Australia
    A deep red with scents of blackberry and liquorice with a cracked pepper spice overtone. The palate is well rounded with soft tannins and lingering fruit
    Bottle £15.30   Ÿ250ml £5.40   175ml £4.30
  • Los Romeros Merlot: Chile
    Soft, warm and smooth red with lots of blackcurrant and plum fruits with a dash of spice
    Bottle £15.50   250ml £5.50   175ml £4.40
  • Parados Malbec: Argentina
    Fruity, black cherries and blackberries are combined with hints of sweet vanilla and nutty aromas to provide a complex nose
    Bottle £16.50   250ml £5.90   175ml £4.60
  • Marqués de Morano Rioja Tinto: Spain
    A lighter style for a Rioja, just a hint of the traditional oak and an abundance of ripe, juicy berries
    Bottle £18.00
  • Fleurie Les Muriennes: Burgandy: France
    The name Fleurie aptly describes the fresh, floral style of this French red
    Bottle £23.50


Rosé Wines

  • Rugged Ridge White Zinfandel: California
    An easy drinking medium sweet rosé with sweet raspberries, watermelon and strawberries
    Bottle £15.50   Ÿ250ml £5.50   175ml £4.40
  • La Pasqua Pinot Grigio Blush: Italy
    An elegant blush with hints of freshly crushed cranberries and apricots
    Bottle £16.00  250ml £5.80   175ml £4.50


Sparkling Wine

  • Di Maria Prosecco: Italy
    Presented in an elegant black bottle this crisp, light Prosecco punches above it’s weight on all fronts
    Bottle £24.50   Ÿ200ml £6.30
  • Di Maria Prosecco Blush Rosé: Italy
    Marginally fruitier than it’s white companion this blush version has subtle hints of strawberries and cranberries
    Bottle £24.50

125ml Measure Available for Wines Sold by the Glass